GAT™ – Class I Div. II

The GAT™ (Global Audit Tool), is rated as a Class I Div. II. tool. The GAT™ is a UL compliant mobile digital tool and is hardened and ruggedized specifically for use in the O&G industry.    The Ultimate “Hard Book”.
  • Clean, touch-screen based design, w/o extraneous keys
  • 10.1”, min.1500/1800 nit HD resolution display, truly readable in direct sunlight in extreme conditions (-30C to +50C), bonded Gorilla glass, internal LED lighting system
  • Dual Microsoft Windows 10 OS and Android 5.1 OS at a touch
  • 4GB DDR3 memory/128GB MMC storage drive/ Bluetooth 4.0/GPS
  • Supports ON/OFF via RFID card based user authentication.
  • External fins for fan-less internal heat-sink cooling
  • Exceeds IP68 and MIL 810-G environmental specs
  • 8MP resolution camera with LED flash, still and video/ RFID tag scanner
  • Aluminum sub-frame provides structural rigidity
  • Fiber impregnated plastic shell provides toughness.
  • Connects to Docking Station via “short safe” pins. (This design cannot generate a spark, unlike all other tablets)

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