Telemedicine is one of the fastest growing sectors in the delivery of medicine today. Designed to enable both individuals as well as small and/or remote clinics to access distant doctors and hospitals which will allow diagnosis by specialists on specific medical cases utilizing existing communications technologies as well as general medical concerns. Current hand-held self-diagnosis equipment can be connected via local landlines or the wireless communications, which further supports sending medical vitals, photos, and even advanced medical scanning to doctors many miles away.

One such advanced innovative tool, MedWand, was designed and built by Cypher Scientific, LLC under contract to MedWand Digital Health (which is also IDS’s chief design and engineering team member for the GAT/EGAT/EDS product suite). Cypher Scientific views IDS Global’s GAT and EDS as the most desired means to deliver MedWand to remote and isolated areas and proposes that the GAT and EDS be combined with their MedWand tool to provide a “Global Clinic” capability. The new and advanced technologies in the GAT and EDS allows for full daylight use of their ultra-high definition full color, none distortion screen. Other existing features of the GAT/EDS combination include a built in 4G LTE wireless communications technology, Bluetooth & WFI technology, multiple USB ports, an Ethernet port for satellite access and uplink transmissions. The EDS’s can be powered by 110/220 volt, 12-volt DC or a back-up internal battery pack, and included is a solar panel array and a recharge other mobile devices via connection to a charging USB port. IDSs technology uniquely supports the delivery of MedWand to its intended markets as a “Global Clinic.” MedWand has won several medical technologies awards and has proven its capabilities. For example, MedWand successfully conducted a complete medical exam on a person in Las Vegas from a live stage in London. This is an emerging and potentially significant market for IDS’s product suite.

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