In mid-2015, Integrity Applications Incorporated (IAI), a highly successful Department of Defense (DoD) and Intelligence Community (IC) contractor, requested from IDS their EGAT tablet and EDS docking station on which IAI would install their precision Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance and Targeting (ISR&T) software applications on for a demonstration of combined capabilities at a Naval Air Warfare Systems Weapons Division (NAWCWD) annual technology conference at China Lake, CA. The demonstration was well received and subsequently IAI approached IDS in a partnership with San Diego based associates Computer Systems Center Incorporated (CSCI) and Information Systems Laboratory (ISL Inc.) to jointly from a business “team” to submit a response to a Naval Special Warfare Request for Proposal with an emphasis on rapid deployed mobile mission’s operation. The proposal was submitted in November 2015 and is under review. The US Navy has subsequently helped to identify additional applications for the EGAT tablet and EDS for expeditionary joint forces, amphibious warships and deployed mobile ISR&T mission operations. In order to meet DOD “mission readiness standards”, IDS further enhanced the EGAT capabilities to allow compatibility with Night Vision Goggles, infrared illuminators, and cameras. These enhancements allow US forces to transition seamlessly from fully daylight readable capability to night operations all on one ruggedized and submersible tablet. IDS has provided demonstrations to the British Special Air Service, US Navy SEALS, Navy Special Warfare Command, and USMC IMEF War Fighting Command. All expressed a need and application for these digital tools.   IAI is now in active discussions with IDS Global to integrate military secure communications capabilities into the EDS docking station. Another corporate member of IDS’s technology team, SANMINA, already has a communications delivery program with the US Army underway. Concurrently, the team is initiating market their combined technology to Specified Commands within the DOD to demonstrate their capabilities and seek interim R&D funding to expedite its technology transition. This includes considering options to establish a joint advanced development laboratory in IAI’s Carlsbad, CA., or in a partnership with NAWCWD China Lake, CA., to support demonstrations, testing and field evaluations of advanced ISR&T mission applications using IDS military grade tablets and docking station.

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