Specifically Designed

The “Enhanced Global Audit Tool” is a next generation of ruggedized design and U.S. component built, fully operational mobile digital tablets, built for the Energy Sector. The EGAT™ is a UL compliant “Intrinsically Safe”, fully daylight readable, dual OS (MS & Android), professional grade and a ”go-anywhere tool.” Read More

Intrinsically Safe

The EGAT™ is designed to be UL compliant “Intrinsically Safe” C1D1 and fully daylight readable in extreme temperatures and conditions. Read More


This “New Generation of Innovation and Integrated Technology” is ruggedized to meet today demands.  Read More

In the News

IDS Global is offering two revolutionary new digital hardware tools, each is U.S. “component built and assembled”, 10.1″ mobile digital tablet. Both are “professional grade, go anywhere tools” that meet UL-standards for “intrinsically safe” and are fully daylight readable (see details under Products.) Two of the multiple patented design requirements to meet UL certification standards include fully sealed tablets and the O2 inside is purged and then replaced with an inert gas, which results in no possible ignition. Both tools have Dual OS (Microsoft & Android) and are fully functioning, stand-alone tablets.

View the IDS Global News release January 7, 2016

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